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Cities & Communities

Our platform offers a suite of tools and services for organizations to manage the full ecosystem of their Beautification efforts. 

Proven Success

We turned the City of Santa Monica into the #2 street art city in the country, creating a new culture and tourism opportunity

We reshaped the Los Angeles mural policy, spearheaded the utility box art program & and transformed streets & and schools across LA.


Imagine what we can do for you.

Built for Community

We accellerate the artistic efforts of:  Cultural Affairs, Community Development, Neighborhood Associations, Business Improvement Districts, Local Art & Mural Organizations, and more...

Plus, qualifying community organizations can receive up to 15% of transaction revenue through Beautify.

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Tools for Success

Local Rosters

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Empower local artists to put their best foot forward with a future-ready system where clients are already looking.

- Easily access all community artists via URL
- Beautiful public portfolios
- Custom URL's, branding, widgets available

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Public Engagement

Gather community input around the most pressing projects, and loved art and artists. 
The community can:

-  Vote & provide feedback on projects & art
-  Suggest projects for review


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Local Street Art Tours

Art tours are created automatically just by adding art to your account:

- make your community a destination
- generate interactive maps effortlessly
- embed maps and portfolios on your site
- showcase your city, neighborhood or organization's art


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Manage Projects

Take the logistical hurdles out of getting art done with intelligent workflows & document management.

- Manage your public inventory of opportunities -

- Notify all local artists of new projects -

- View all proposal submissions in one place -

- Chat directly with artists -

- Click-wrap contracting & insurance - 


The Power of Platform Automation

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Design Phase


User Onboarding

Matching and Curating

Design Iterations / Approvals

Dashboard: Project Status/Management

Installation Phase


Collecting/Disbursing Project Payments

Click-Wrap Contracting / Insurance

Scheduling / Execution

Best quality / pricing of supplies

Guarantee success/partner satisfaction

Post-Completion Phase


Manage graffiti / maintenance

Social media/PR promotion

Local artist Livestream interviews

Shareable content

Graffiti Repair & Maintenance

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Art actually deters graffiti up to 95%, and murals can last many years before needing touch ups... but it can happen. That's we make it easy to fix, just in case.

- Upload graffiti incident or maintenance request -

- Communicate & coordinate directly with artist  -

Local Orgs Contact From

More art, more community.

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