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Join the Beautify Community

Our Platform

Beautify strives to give everyone a voice and our platform allows you to give some civic love back to your neighborhood. Add your voice to the conversation by liking walls and artists to increase their visibility to sponsors, and even adding your own. Make a difference and join the Beautify movement!

Here's How You Can Participate

Vote for Your Favorites

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Sharing and favorite artists you love not only promotes the artist, but also shows wall owners and sponsors what the community wants. 


Stand for Beautification

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Share and favorite walls to build community support and show wall owners and sponsors about the places where you want to see more beauty. 

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Share a Wall

Take your participation to the next level by adding walls you want to see beautified. We'll find the decision-makers and work to get it beautified, or use Beautify to get it done and make a few bucks!


Your voice matters.

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