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Murals: A Cornerstone of Community & Culture

Our community mural engagements has consistently proven the social and economic value of murals and public art in communities. Our work with government agencies, corporations, and communities organizations uncovers the potential to revitalize outdoor living and business spaces through public art, everywhere.


Attractive environments increase business revenue and tourism, turn a space into a place, inspire us to care about our surroundings, and make us feel connected. They reflect a community’s beauty and culture from the inside out.

Tell Your Community's Story

...and make your street an experience

Ready To Make An Impact?

Transform your wall or a community.

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Everything poses a potential for beauty. Santa Monica, California’s 130 plus mural campaign is a template for that. Across the city we partnered with commissions, business improvement and neighborhood groups, as well as special interest NGOs to add vitality to neglected and underused areas within the city’s boundaries.

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Amongst many practical benefits, community mural programs capture the magic of creating outdoor art. The effort from planning to execution reflects the unique spirit of a project’s location, gives its participants a physical marker of their connection to the collective, and offers an experience for everyone who crosses its path.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies that maintain a focus on social impact investing. They provide the sponsorship needed to execute meaningful and powerful community building activities in areas that benefit their customers.

Join us and thousands of others on this beautiful journey!

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