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DIY Mural Painting

Our DIY Mural Painting projects are an opportunity for schools to use wall art painting as a learning and community building exercise. Schools choose a professional artist’s design from the options we provide. All designs have been created to be effective and beautiful but simplified for anyone to be able to execute them. Through a tutorial video and step-by-step process guideline, school activity programmers can create inspirational works of art at their school for a fraction of the cost of a typical mural.

The DIY Mural Painting program benefits schools, artists (as they are paid a stipend for each program sold), and enables us to spread beautification across many more campuses. School activities like this give participants of all ages access to art instruction and an opportunity to connect with their school community as they create spaces that make them feel good about themselves.

If you happen to grow up in the states, and like the majority of Americans received a public education, then you won’t be surprised to find out the same people who build prisons build public schools.
— Joseph Voelbel, Author

Get your school involved!

We offer a range of options for mural art painting programs in your community. Contact us and let’s discuss.

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