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Murals & Property Owners

 ✓ Increase property value 

 ✓ Attract & retain desirable tenants 

 ✓ Reduce vandalism 

 ✓ Connect with your community

"I moved my business to Lincoln Blvd because with all of the new murals, I knew the area is up-and-coming"

Satdha Thai, Santa Monica

Better Buildings, Better People.



By creating an attraction, you're creating demand.

Neighborhoods around the world have thrived from letting art drive their culture and economic development from the ground up. From Wynwood, FL to Brooklyn, NY and Downtown Los Angeles.

One mural is all it takes to inspire your neighbors. Three murals create a local art district... And a cultural hub is formed; a place people want to be. 

Your tenants will love you.


Whether you're a landlord, developer or REIT, Beautify can help you create a space your tenants and community will love; a space people cherish.

​Improve the relationship with your tenants, increase retention and help them drive foot traffic to their businesses. In many cases, up to 50% increase in foot traffic and revenue.

Being a landlord is a tough job. We can make it a bit easier.





Up to 95% decrease in vandalism.


Most vandals are artists themselves and are looking for an outlet... A bland wall is a canvas.

Save time and money on removing unwanted tagging simply by making your building beautiful.


Where artists, property owners, and brands join together to paint the world.

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