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Beautify helps YMCA mural carry the brand's message visually to its community

The gorgeous two-story-high painting promotes wellness and education not with slogans, but with a striking and memorable image.

Our online platform has delivered results for more than 50 brands from local to global.

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Mural at YMCA in Denver by Michael Ortiz, sponsored by EcoMedia

Mural at YMCA in Denver by Michael Ortiz, sponsored by EcoMedia

Ecomedia, a CBS-owned company, sponsors what they consider to be "critical, yet underfunded, environmental, health, and education projects in communities nationwide." It's a new way that brands and companies are finding to deliver experiential marketing rather than self-promoting ads.

Our online platform removes the friction from the process, making it easy for YMCA to find and work with professional street artists. As both a muralist and a software product manager, I founded Beautify to connect people who want great art with the professional artists who create it.

In 2019, EcoMedia sponsored a mural on the outside of the YMCA in southwest Denver. Michael Ortiz' painting works across barriers of language and culture to inspire young women—and anyone else open to the message—to find the joy of education and value themselves as an important part of a very big world.

Mural companies make it easy to hire a street artist, work with them through design and implementation, and remove any worries all around. The work will live up to the artist's promise. The artist will be paid, on time. (Yes, we're insured.) But the worries we remove are a small benefit compared to our mission: Beautify the world, one wall at a time.

Evan Meyer is a co-founder and the CEO of Beautify.

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