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Estrella Jalisco and Beautify Earth Team Up to Honor Local Stars

Estrella Jalisco has found a way to put their marketing dollars to good use and create an impact in local communities through a socially responsible initiative.

Estrella Jalisco of Anheuser-Busch is re-imagining how advertising and marketing can provide value to brands and communities. Their new initiative shines a spotlight on local heroes by connecting them with artists to celebrate their efforts and beautify communities. By putting their money where their hearts are, EJ is pledging 1 million dollars by 2025 to help beautify communities across the U.S. with street art, and the face of the initiative is none other than Beautify’s own, Ruben Rojas.

"Bringing people together through creativity has always been a part of my purpose as an artist. I'm proud to partner with Estrella Jalisco to launch their commitment and support of art in communities across the country," said Ruben Rojas. "Our shared hope is that by using murals to share stories of our neighborhood heroes we can foster joy and connection in people's lives."

The initiative is not only meant to add color, vibrancy, and joy to communities, it is also a celebration of local heroes through street art. As of July 9th, submissions are welcomed for consumers to nominate their Local Stars who go above and beyond to make a difference within their communities. Each mural will be an artistic statement piece reflecting a chosen Star and the work they do, created by one of the eight artists that make up Estrella Jalisco’s newly launched Artists in Residence program.

It seems an obvious choice for EJ to immerse themselves into socially responsible marketing by celebrating local heroes through street art as Estrella Jalisco is steeped in tradition and bringing people together. This Mexican pilsner was first produced in the late 19th century in Guadalajara, Mexico and the authenticity still stands true today. In their own words, “We keep Mexican traditions alive in every sip that is enjoyed and shared among loved ones, family and friends.”

FORBES is also talking about corporate social responsibility simply because it makes perfect business sense when “62% of consumers want companies to stand up for issues that they are passionate about.” Accenture Strategy conducted the 14th Global Consumer Pulse Research to better understand what consumers worldwide are looking for, and corporate responsibility is at the top of the list. If you would like more statistics check out the full document entitled To Afinity and Beyond.

In a nutshell, bettering communities is a great way to show that you care about people, and in turn, your customers will reward you by caring about and buying your product. Finding socially responsible ways to put your marketing dollars to good use pays off - literally. This type of initiative is a win-win that brings some good old-fashioned joy, color, and connection into communities and we are thrilled to be part of it. Stay tuned for updates on Ruben Rojas street art to launch the program!

If you want some ideas on how we can help you with your corporate social responsibility program, let’s talk! We are always ready to paint some street art, beautify an environment, and help local communities.

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Samuel Daniel
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