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Create art like only you can 

There's a mural project looking for you.

Producers need artists who can tell their story in new and exciting ways. We help them find you. Through Beautify you can quickly build your portfolio, find opportunities, and manage projects.

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You bring the talent, we’ll bring the projects

Once you sign up for Beautify the process can get rolling, and our support team is here to help at any point along the way.

The perks of joining Beautify.

24/7 Exposure

Producers are actively looking for artists to paint their murals, and our platform helps these brands find you and your portfolio.

Say bye bye to busywork

Our artist dashboard lets you manage all of your mural proposals, projects, and secure payments, and has built-in communication tools.

Map your murals

Add your murals to your account and we’ll automatically create an interactive map of your work that you can easily embed on your own website, too.


Create Your Portfolio

Turn your info, bio, and past mural projects into a slick online portfolio and instantly get your art in front of potential producers. 


Find Projects

Check out mural projects looking for an artist and find all the info you need from project vision, budget, size, location, and more.


Easily Submit Proposals

Once you find a mural project (or projects) that speaks to you, submitting a proposal is as easy as sharing your pitch, vision, and projected costs.


Get Work and Get Paid

Once your proposal is accepted, all communications, project management, and  payments are facilitated through your dashboard.


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David Gilmore

David has a “paint on everything” approach to art-making which includes: canvas, furniture, surfboards, apparel, objects, accessories, bodies, and walls.  His work celebrates diversity and inclusion.
“I’ve had the great fortune of working with Beautify and am thrilled about their marketplace platform and its vast reach.  This is an ideal place for artists to connect with wall owners.”
- David Gilmore

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