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Murals for Local Business

Become a Landmark for Your Customers

Transform Your Wall. Transform Your Business.

We've got you covered

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your dream design

easy artist matching, collaboration and communication tools for your specific project 

stay organized

project dashboard to manage proposals

worry free

click-wrap contracting, secure payments for only the work you authorize, and yes, we're insured

we're here for you

around the clock personal support from our team of experts

guaranteed happiness! 

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Thanks to our mural, people now know we exist, & business has increased by almost 50%

Metropolitan Cleaners | Santa Monica

Transform Your Wall. Transform Your Business.
Up to 50% Increase in Foot Traffic & Revenue
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To drive awareness, businesses invest in awnings and signs costing thousands of dollars. They leave the largest portion of their buildings boring, empty, often in disrepair.


Your business could be a local landmark and social media hotspot that reflects your brand and drives customers through your doors. Murals outperform awnings, often at lower price.

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Up to 95% Decrease in Vandalism

Most vandals respect art. In fact many are artists themselves who only seek an outlet. A blank wall is a canvas.


Save time and money on removing unwanted tagging simply by making your building a beautiful work of art.

Become a Social Media Powerhouse

Before, it was a wall, another boring wall. Now, it's a landmark.

Bypassers post photos of it. Customers pose in front of it. Tourists seek it out.


It's all over Intagram, Facebook and Twitter. Authentic and organic, it's both a branding campaign and a source of reusable images for years to come. 

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"Thank you Beautify for helping to make this

city even more Beautiful."

Eric Garcetti | Mayor, Los Angeles

Get Started

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1.  Create a Wall Profile

Create a Beautify account for you wall. Artists and sponsors will view your wall's profile. Describe your vision and project needs to help find the perfect artist for your mural. More detailed profiles receive better artist proposals.

2.  Connect 

Begin working with our amazing community of artists. View requested and received proposals in your dashboard. Message artists directly in their proposal.



Faster: ~1 week

Request proposals for free to receive a quote for your mural.

Then pay design fee to get a custom mock-up for your wall.


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Fast: 1-2 weeks

Don’t have a specific artist in mind? Let us do the work for you.


We'll promote your project to the artist community to get you proposals based on your preferencesYou pick your favorite!




Flexibility is key here.


There are no guarantees on if or when your wall will be chosen, and creative control is very limited.

3.  Collaborate

Pay the design fee to collaborate with an artist on a design that is impactful and customized to your needs. All design fees count towards the final cost of the mural, determined between you and the artist.








4. Start Beautifying 

Beautify will handle all contracting and payment, and confirm your mural start date!


Join us to beautify the world.

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