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CEO, Evan Meyer animates his murals to show examples of street activation

Art has the power to transform our streets in both the physical and digital worlds. It creates an experience, and will be a large component in the new future of our Main Streets, and how people experience commercial thoroughfares.

As the nature of retail shifts from managing inventory to managing experiences, how we support our local businesses and communities and the tell story of each unique business, street, town, and city is more important than ever.

Every business with a public facing wall has the opportunity to be a landmark in the community, and a recognizable destination to drive foot traffic and business to. Every wall is an opportunity to give people a place to visit, smile, shop, and share that experience with the world through social media.

Here are a handful murals completed by our very own Evan Meyer, of which he additionally added the layers of animation and music.

"Tree of Life" - Old Town, Victorville, Route 66

"Rebirth" - collaboration with Ruben Rojas @ Ocean Park and Main St, Santa Monica, California

"Sofia" the flower @ Body'n'Brain, Yoga Tai Chi. Lake Ave, Pasadena, California

"Hannah" the seahorse @ Franklin Elementary, handball courts. Santa Monica, California

"Chloe" the blue jaguar in Venice alleyway. Part of a mural collection in Venice, California.


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