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A Call to Action (Gather Homes)

A story by Daniela Torres-Mattus (Director of Education)

Looking through my instagram I noticed I had a private message from a real estate agent I hadn’t heard from in 12 years, “Call me, I want to help!” the message read, to which I hesitantly replied, thinking someone had possibly hacked her account, “What’s your number?” I wanted to make sure it was her.

After a short phone call, I was elated. Dana Carter Cataldi, the real estate agent who found my family our first rental in LA over a decade ago, was now the owner of a real estate agency, Gather Homes, and she was eager to sponsor some murals for local schools.

Dana meant business!

Three weeks later, a group of students and a beautiful community of Dana’s clients and friends joined up for a Paint Day at Will Rogers Elementary School in Santa Monica. Dana made it super fun by catering a venerable feast for everyone!

“I have 4 kids and 2 step kids - my mom was a principal, my step dad was a teacher and my step daughter is a teacher. These roles are so important and how you enter school is paramount. These days there is bullying and social media scariness, so a beautiful mural is a way to simply step into the classroom and feel passionate about the day,” said Dana, who wants to impact the Los Angeles communities who need it most.

Dana answered the call to action and is inspired to transform more schools. She knows it will inspire thousands of students and educators. It’s a no-brainer.

“Paint day was so fun. It was extra special getting the community together after not being able to do events in person because of Covid”, said Kirsty Painter, a parent of two students at Will Rogers. “The kids loved being part of painting these murals. The school feels different, more cheerful and colorful”, added Painter.

The mural was a donation to the school from Gather Homes, and the mural design was by artist Calen Blake, a very talented artist.

At Beautify Earth, we know that colorful murals brighten people’s days and move us from complacency into action, they not only transform schools and neighborhoods, but individuals. That is the effect that murals have had for everyone on our team, from our board members to our volunteers…and that is why this is our call to action.

You too can get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, artist or cheerleader ;)

Daniela Torres-Mattus

Director of Education

Beautify Earth


If you have a story related to a mural that has impacted you one way or another, we’d love to hear it!

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Photos by Meredith Carlson

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