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Disney Creates Alita Mural for Massive Community Engagement

Beautify Earth created this wonderful mural with Disney to engage individuals who love this heroic figure, by posing under the "I do not standby" bubble. The mural was created for the world to enjoy while the QR is used to activate an AR experience powered by Facebook Spark.

#IDoNotStandby received tens of thousands of posts, likes, comments and shares across all major social platforms.

Additional Info.

  • Disney commissioned mural to to promote digital release of Alita Battle Angel (400M box office).

  • Mural timed to coincide with Anime Expo (mural was located next to venue). Artwork was also licensed for Anime Expo in London

  • Fans could dive further into Alita’s world with a Facebook augmented reality lens that brought her to life through the screen of their smartphones.

  • The lens was activated 450+ times during the four day expo.

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