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Beautify helps Lexus' crossover of art & marketing via murals

A smart combo of digital campaign and real-world walls show that even in a GPS-mapped world., there's always something new to explore.

Our online platform has helped people beautify walls in more than 100 cities.

Contact us to discuss how we can beautify yours.

Mural in Los Angeles by by Ornamental Conifer for Lexus

Lexus mural in Los Angeles by artist Ornamental Conifer

When Lexus launched their UX crossover in 2019, they wanted to convey the potential for adventure in the urban landscapes and drivers for which the UX was designed. The understood the value of murals as brand-builders.

Their vision: in a world that's already mapped to completion, with GPS tracking and pinpoint navigation anywhere a city driver might find themselves, the greatest sense of adventure lies in a creative’s ability to shape the world around them into something new through art and ingenuity.

Our online platform removes the friction from the process, making it easy for Lexus to find and work with professional street artists. As both a muralist and a software product manager, I founded Beautify to connect people who want great art with the professional artists who create it.

Lexus partnered with Beautify to paint murals on three walls around Los Angeles as new finds to explore, and also partnered with social-impact marketing firm Givewith to create a digital campaign that tied the concept of exploration and discovery to the murals and the new UX vehicle.

Business Impact

  1. 80% increase in brand sentiment

  2. 69% more likely to consider or recommend

  3. 57% increase in overall favorability towards the all-new UX

  4. Higher click rate on social compared to the overall UX performance

Social Impact

  1. Three murals painted across the greater Los Angeles area

  2. Reduced health risks associated with neighborhood decay and disorder

  3. Increased social cohesion and perceived neighborhood safetySocial impact

Stills and videos documenting the creative process of the three selected muralists

Mural in Los Angeles by Jimmy Danko for Lexus

Mural by Jimmy Danko

"Givewith created a digital advertising campaign that raised awareness around Lexus’ and Beautify Earth’s dedication to creating a world worth exploring, while increasing sentiment and favorability for the Lexus brand and the first-ever UX."

Mural by Adrean Wong


Learn more about how Beautify can help create campaigns like this for your brand or agency, or check out some local artists here.

Evan Meyer is a co-founder and the CEO of Beautify.


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