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Flowers for Hope - Support Ukraine

“Flowers for Hope” @flowers4hopeNFT

“Flowers for Hope” is raising money for Ukrainian artists to paint Sunflowers, the Ukrainian national symbol of hope and resilience, on city-approved walls to inspire and beautify city-approved sites in distressed locations of Ukraine.

Artist and activist Trek Thunder Kelly and a group of resilient and stellar artists are behind the project. They have partnered with Roji and Beautify Earth to help spread the power of HOPE through war torn Ukraine. Painting bright yellow sunflowers in some of the areas most impacted by the war in Ukraine. They hope to bring a little bit of hope and sunshine to these areas to remind the people of their resilience and power.
NFTs minted from the art will fund local humanitarian projects. Artists globally are invited to paint Sunflowers and engage in the NFT project through
Donate at make sure you write in the comments and note this is for Flowers of Hope so we can direct the funds please!

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