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AT&T helps bring a splash of color to Mark Twain Middle School

Los Angeles, CA

Mark Twain Middle School, in the Mar Vista area in Los Angeles, was not a very bright or colorful place prior to the intervention of school parents and their hope for more. After they reached out to Beautify Earth, a wave of art and creativity flooded the school. This project highlights the efforts at the school and achieved the 7th and 8th murals at the school in less than 2 years!

A great deal of credit goes out to the school for being open minded and the parents for acting upon their children’s best interest. And a huge thank you to entities such as AT&T, who decided that they not only want to bring out volunteers to help a community, but also donate and sponsor an opportunity such as this. What an amazing contribution and example of spreading light and beauty in our society.

Thanks to the super talented and inspiring work by Ruben Rojas, another school was blessed to receive his inspirational messaging. This mural dawns on the students everyday and will surely motivate them in school and beyond. We thank our partners at the school and AT&T for their amazing trust and contribution.

See more of what the Beautify Education program is about here, we aim to brighten campuses all across the globe.


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