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Belkin helps paint Santa Monica Alternative School House

Santa Monica, CA

Beautify Education‘s goal is to create inspirational and creative campuses all over the world. With help from large corporations like Belkin, this is feasible. We not only hope to brighten up campuses through art we also hope to leave students with a lasting impression of what our urban fabric can look like. Together Beautify Earth and Belkin teamed up to help make that a reality at a local school in Santa Monica.

Belkin not only sponsored the mural, they also brought out members of their team to come out and paint with the students. A special moment for both school and business.

Local artist Marcel ‘Sel’ Blanco, a champion of School walls, showcases his awesome talents yet again with this masterful piece. Bringing about a fun and playful mural, this piece welcomes the parents and students at SMASH and evokes the aquatic landscape in Santa Monica. Hopefully this Flipper helps motivate and bring smiles to this generation and future ones set to keep our beaches clean and ocean life safe!

We will continue to beautify one school at a time, hopefully with your help.

Visit us here, and donate to help schools be inspiring ones!


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