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Beautify Hollywood campaign with Heineken: murals as experiential marketing and urban beautification

Dozens of murals turn Hollywood Boulevard's roll-down storefront doors from cold metal to Tinseltown art.

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Murals by Cloe Hakakian and Davia King in Hollywood for Heineken

Two security doors painted by Cloe Hakakian (left) and Davia King for Heineken reappear on Hollywood Boulevard every night.

As part of Heineken's Cities campaign, which aimed to "make great cities even greater," Heineken partnered with Beautify Earth in 2016 to transform the look of Hollywood Boulevard through a series of as many as 50 stunning paintings inspired by the icons of Hollywood past and present. Their experiential approach was a refreshing alternative to typical mural advertising.

To draw attention to the sheer number of murals, 15 walls around Hollywood were painted in a single week. Heineken helped support the installation of 25 artworks and with Beautify's assistance, kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to fund up to an additional 25 installations.

Our online platform removes the friction and uncertainties from the process, making it easy for brands like Lexus to find and work with professional street artists. As both a muralist and a software product manager, I founded Beautify to connect people who want great art with the professional artists who create it.

The campaign's goals were threefold:

Stimulate the Local Economy

Nearly every business with an artistic façade painted by Beautify Earth has seen an increase in revenue up to 50%.

Inspire a Walking City

Murals increase community pride, resident loyalty, economic growth, and inspires local investment. Tourists and shoppers are more comfortable and feel safer walking past iconic paintings rather than bare walls or the grey metal doors of closed shops at night.

Generate Community Participation

Volunteers, artists, donors, businesses, local government, neighborhood associations, business improvement districts, and children all came together to make their neighborhood beautiful.

Evan Meyer is a co-founder and the CEO of Beautify.


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