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Puesta Del Sol Elementary, Sit'N'Sleep, and CBS

Artist: Evan Meyer

Puesta del Sol was a special opportunity with a special message. The goal of this elementary school was to make sure every child who goes there eventually go to college and to "Dream Big."  And so the piece is called "Dream Big," with a pilot (their mascot), flying a plane into space! In other words, if you want to become an astronaut, or anything else you dream of (as far as outer space!), you can do it; you can become it, and that opportunity is for you to seize.

The wall is on the side of the cafeteria and lines the entryway into the school for maximum visibility to students and parents alike. At Beautify Earth we know that every child has the potential to be whatever it is they dream of, and we continue to support them in seeing that through. It all starts with art, and visualizing and putting your ideas on paper, and eventually transforming those ideas into something tangible that makes the world a better, brighter place. Murals provide that early framework and lesson.

This mural was funded by the local Sit'N'Sleep in Victorville, through the CBS (EcoMedia Division) giveback program.

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