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Restorative Justice through Art at John Adams Middle School

John Adams Middle School Mural - Santa Monica

A diverse group of 70 7th grade students at John Adams MS participated in Restorative Justice training with Rob Howard,

SMMUSD RJ Coordinator. Students were either in Vision (a program that supports at risk students) or members of ASB (Associated Student Body). At the end of the day students were lead through an activity that asked them to consider their perfect school. By the end, students collectively decided on more murals and art on the walls of the school.

Next, the students studied murals from the community and took a walking field trip along Pico Blvd of the Beautify Earth murals. They brainstormed themes and quotes. They also got to meet Ruben Rojas and hear his story of creating murals. Then 10 groups joined with the advanced art students to create murals on canvas that were then voted on by the entire school. The winning mural was painted on a large wall on the quad.


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