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Toy District LA Mural Artist Opportunity

Beautify is excited to announce a new mural opportunity open for artist proposals in Los Angeles, CA!

Toy District Mural

About the Project:

Budget Range: $5,000 - $10,000 Approx. Dimensions: 27' W x 77' H (total project) Artist Guidance: Mural on South wall (in Red on attached photo) of Entry Lobby to Office/Residential Building currently under Renovation. The idea is that the floors be tied together with 1 theme, a supergraphic concept, but open to other ideas. Simple, geometric pattern, budget is not huge. If we really like the idea or design, we might want it to extend a bit into the corridors on each floor. Inspirational concept attached. Dimensions based on entire height and width, each floor has about 11' high, 1st level is 16' high.

Proposal Details:

Please submit a proposal that includes the following information by clicking "Beautify This Wall" on the wall profile page:

  1. Vision: A detailed written description of proposed design 

  2. Imagery: A mock-up of your design concept 

  3. Budget: Your proposed budget that includes materials, labor, equipment, and Beautify's 22% service fee.

Proposals due Sunday April 5th, 2020 @ 11:59PM 

Once your proposal is submitted, wall owners will be able to directly message you in the proposal. Make sure to check your dashboard for updates! When a final artist is selected, a notification will be sent to all artists. Please contact with any questions about the project or proposal requirements. 

Learn more about becoming a part of the Beautify artist community here.

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