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Using Public Art to Heal Rockaway Beach

For years, Rockaway Beach has been known for its sandy beaches, surf crowd, and bungalow architecture. An idyllic summertime vacation destination for visitors to make memories and a home and proud community for its year-round residents. But the remnants of the havoc of Hurricane Sandy was crushing the Rockaway Beach community with its natural attributes damaged from intense coastal flooding and winds. Over a year later there were still many neglected buildings in desperate need of renovation. Weathered walls in need of a fresh coat of paint. Many businesses shuttered due to the extent of building damage.

Far from throwing in the beach towel, the resilient community is looking toward rebuilding and creating public art as its inspirational guidepost. We’re armed with paintbrushes, know-how and a passion for this type of work to help them. We will work with the community to beautify over a dozen of the buildings along Rockaway Beach Blvd through painting murals, providing street cleanups, and have proposed a community garden/sculpture park in the neighborhood.

Beautify Earth is currently raising money to finance the murals that will uplift the residents, stimulate the businesses, and create smiles on everybody’s faces. We are calling on all artists, donors, or volunteers for support. Beautify Rockaway Beach needs your contribution.


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