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Wrdsmth Blesses West Adams Campus

Even in these trying times, we still have artists who go out of their way just to bring some sunshine into our students lives. Wrdsmth an LA-based street artist, is very well known around LA and the world. He was kind enough to donate a beautiful and powerful message to the school of West Adams High in Koreatown. Whenever the students are allowed back to the school they will see this powerful and inspiring message that will surely help uplift their spirits and have them come back to something a bit more normal, something we all desperately need right now.

Wrdsmith aspires to inspire others on a daily basis with colorful and well-chosen words crafted into indelible thoughts and phrases that he paints and pastes onto walls around the world. He did just that with this piece, we are eternally grateful for your passion and your support.

We will share the reactions of the students when they see it on our social media once students are allowed back on campus. Believe it or not this was our 7th mural at the campus!

Trying times tend to bring the best out of people and we are happy to have such empowering people in our Beautify Family.

We hope this brought a little cheer to your day. Don't forget to dream...BIGGER.


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