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Local Organizations

Neighborhood Associations 

Business Improvement Districts 

Cultural Affairs Departments

Local Art & Mural Organizations

Empower local community 

Local artists help define our local cultures, express our community values, and help put our best foot forward in our neighborhoods. Our tools help showcase your artists so they can get work within your community, and beyond. 
Plus, Beautify gives 15% of it's transaction revenue to participating community organizations!

Organizations that benefit




Improvement Districts

Local Art


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Tools for Success

Local rosters

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Help artists put their best foot forward where their future clients are already looking.

- Easily access all community artists via URL -

- Beautiful public portfolios -

- Custom URL's, branding, widgets available -

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Public Engagement

Gather community input around the most pressing projects, and loved art and artists. 

The community can:

 - Vote on projects, art, and artists -

- Suggest projects for review -

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Manage Projects

Take the logistical hurdles out of getting art done with intelligent workflows & document management.

- Manage your public inventory of opportunities -

- Notify all local artists of new projects -

- View all proposal submissions in one place -

- Chat directly with artists -

- Click-wrap contracting & insurance - 

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Local Street Art Tours

Art tours are created automatically just by adding art to your account:

- make your community a destination -

 - generate interactive maps effortlessly - 

- embed maps and portfolios on your site -

- Showcase your city, neighborhood or organization's art -

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The Power of Platform Automation

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Design Phase


User Onboarding

Matching and Curating

Design Iterations / Approvals

Dashboard: Project Status/Management

Installation Phase


Collecting/Disbursing Project Payments

Click-Wrap Contracting / Insurance

Scheduling / Execution

Best quality / pricing of supplies

Guarantee success/partner satisfaction

Post-Completion Phase


Manage graffiti / maintenance

Social media/PR promotion

Local artist Livestream interviews

Shareable content

Graffiti Repair & Maintenance

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Art actually deters graffiti up to 95%, and murals can last many years before needing touch ups... but it can happen. That's we make it easy to fix, just in case.

- Upload graffiti incident or maintenance request -

- Communicate & coordinate directly with artist  -

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More art, more community.

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