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Inspiring Creativity & Responsibility in Schools Through Art

We owe our youth environments that promote inspiration and creativity. Our education program creates active art engagement in the beautification of school environments. We offer public and private schools across the United States and beyond the ability to transform campuses from blight to bright.

Evan Meyer  - "Hannah" - Victorville, Puesta del Sol
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

 Art Programs Designed for Your School

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Our DIY Mural painting program offers the opportunity for schools to execute murals using our self-contained kit. The kit includes all necessary resources and a guide for the program manager to take their students through the steps of the mural making process. This activity teaches students how to plan and execute arts and community programming.

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Our mission to make art accessible to all can be a challenge. Sometimes the schools that need arts education the most are also the most underfunded. When learning environments have the interest but not the finances, we have been able to lean on civic minded corporate partners to step up and sponsor the resources needed for these beneficial mural painting projects.

Positive Environments Through Inspirational & Beautiful Murals

Creative education has either been diminished or all but extinguished in most areas due to budget constraints and lack of influence. Diminishing creative education has led to a diminished creative environment. It has been proven that students are more attentive and assertive in positivity promoting environments, ones that are enriched by the arts and other aspects of the physical surroundings. Schools that are barren wastelands often contribute to students’ malcontent.


Our program seeks to help create these positive environments through inspirational and beautiful murals.  They provide a hands on approach for students to express their creativity, learn art technique, and become enriched through the influence of positive artistic and creative expression.

Join Us & Thousands of Others in This Beautiful Mission!

Beautify My School

Beautify Earth creates and engages in programs that give back creativity and influence Arts education.

If your school could use some beautification or greater creative influence? Send us an email with school name, contact information and lets talk about how we can begin the beautification process!

Donate to a School

Art Education is what allows our younger generations to recognize their creativity and how to constructively use it in their lives, their careers, and their communities.

Help us beautify the environments of our children! We can’t do this alone, all help is welcome and our goal is to enrich the lives of all our students.

Volunteer at a School

By working with cities and youth organizations and creating environments that allow for children to participate in a larger public vision, Beautify Earth strives to inspire and let children see their true potential.

Volunteer your artistic abilities and come out to help us enrich the lives of our students, or enlist in heading the beautification efforts at your school.

Some of our School Partners Include

UCLA, OTIS, Boys and Girls Club, SMASH, John Adams Middle School (JAMS), Franklin Elementary School, West Adams High, Lennox Middle School, Westside Global Awareness Magnet, Main Street Elementary, LAED Corps, El Sereno Middle School, Animo Middle School, Grant Elementary, Mark Twain Middle School, Children and Family Guidance Center, Olympic High School, Marina Del Rey Middle School,  Grand View Elementary, Sutter Middle School, Mayberry Elementary, Morning Side High School,

Puesta del Sol Elementary

"Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world"  - Nelson Mandela

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