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Public Art Generates Cultural Capital

Across the city of Santa Monica, our murals have become points of engagement and connection for individuals, neighborhoods, tourists, businesses, schools, and government. The art serves as a spark for community pride and well-being and an attraction for residents and passersby.

Our communal projects reflect the spirit of their locations, introducing members of the communities to each other, and inspiring inactive locals to volunteer. This further improves the well-being of our citizens through the positive and vibrant energy built during the project execution that resonates long after the paint has dried.

From community paint days to civic engagement workshops through our #CivicLove program, we have “activated” Santa Monica and its residents to take part in the change they can make in their community. The entire city has benefited from the implementation of impactful public art projects, including business with mural increasing their revenue up to 50% through increased visibility, photos and social sharing, and foot-tr

"Thank you for turning the boring into the beautiful, and building a strong community movement along the way."

-- Mayor Ted Winterer

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