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Interview with Artist Amandalynn

Vibrant colors and girl power go hand-in-hand in the works created by Amandalynn. Seductive and powerful, her images and murals not only empower women, but illustrate the strength of the female form to viewers. Amandalynn is inspired by the seductive female spirit, nature, life, and their interactions together.

Beautify Earth caught up with Amandalynn to get the inside perspective on her public art and what that means to her, as well as her message of empowerment for women.

What is your name and where did you grow up?

My name is Amanda Lynn and I grew up in Western Pennsylvania.

How has your childhood or upbringing influenced your art?

I was very fortunate to grow up in a beautiful, nature filled atmosphere. I spent many hours walking in the woods with my grandparents, who taught how to identify various species of plant life and wildlife. This appreciation for nature has carried through in my work. I also studied under a very prolific painter, Robin Grass, during my teenage years, and learned my painting style and technique from him.

Is there a significant moment or experience in your life that has influenced or impacted your art and perspective?

I think every experience impacts my work. Each new body of work I create is stemmed around something that is going on in my life or those around me. I can’t really pinpoint one thing, as I am inspired by everything around me.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from nature and the inner workings of the feminine energy surrounding it.

What draws you to public art?

Public art is exactly that, art that is for the public. There are no walls or doors you have to enter in order to experience it, it is right there for anyone who wants to take the time to enjoy it.

What is your message?

What do you want to leave your audience with after viewing your work? Honestly my message is left to be interpreted, I prefer a person take what they want from viewing my work. I hope to portray inspiring, hopeful, strong and inspiring imagery, but love hearing what others take from it.

Do you have a favorite piece? Why?

I have some favorite murals, they are usually ones with a great experience attached. I really love painting with other people, especially Lady Mags. We have a large one in downtown San Francisco that we did almost 4 years ago, it’s still one of my favorites.

Any projects working on that we can expect from you?

Yes, I am the Art Director of a large art and music festival called KAABOO. I curate and participate in some pretty epic works each year. The show opens September 15th, 2017.

Passion exudes from every brushstroke, for her solo outdoor mural art and continuous collaboration with a variety of creative minds and artist alike. Amandalynn makes clear that “sharing the creative process with others is the key to living an inspired life”, that offers an experience to anyone that wants to engage and enjoy. Her work embodies in a visual form, her ideas, feelings, and experiences that are full of hope, strength, and love…for the female spirit.

For more information visit…

Amandalynn’s websiteInstagram or learn more about the Kaaboo Art + Music Festival.

Special thanks to Joslyn Williams, BE Contributor.


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