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Interview with Artist Nina Palomba

Artist Nina Palomba

Nina Palomba

When Nina Paloma was a child, she received a 1940s cartoon coloring book as a gift from her Mom. She watched Betty Boop with her sister. She loves Andy Panda (that’s her favorite). This early exposure to classic comic books and characters would inspire a lifetime of art-making for Nina who describes her art as an “illustrative narrative of her life”.

After spending time in Chicago and New York, Nina traveled to Los Angeles doing whatever she could to launch her art career. She found herself at a grocery store near LAX making signs. After a few months, she had a chance encounter with someone who offered her an opportunity to work with Disney as a production assistant. The experience would open many doors for her and lead her down a path to creating remarkable artwork seen on the streets, galleries, building interiors, all sorts of media, productions, apparel and beyond.

Nina’s work and style has been described by many as refreshing, exciting and uplifting. It truly radiates good vibes and joy. Nina believes that murals exude the emotion and energy you put into it. We couldn’t agree more!

Sitting down and chatting with Nina is equally as fun as experiencing one of her murals. In our latest interview, Nina talks about her early influences, getting started as an artist in Los Angeles, getting feedback from the community, how street art and fine art are converging, and an idea for a mural that was one of the inspirations behind our Every Woman program. Her story is inspiring and encouraging for emerging artists and art-lovers alike.

Learn more about Nina by visiting her website. Follow Nina on Instagram.

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Nina Palomba

This article was recorded, edited and written by Joe Basile.


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