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A Quick-Start, Street-Art Strategy Guide for Local Organizations

Over the years, Beautify has completed 1000's of murals and street activations through art. Our goal is to help your organization do the same with the right tools and resources. Here is some guiding information that can help you formulate your strategy for enhancing your community, artistic expression, local culture, and unique identity.

Identify KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for your Street Art program. Examples:

  • 10 murals in place over 6 months

  • 100 associated social media posts


  • 5 inbound requests for murals

  • Create $10,000 in revenue for my organization with Beautify program

Define goals that are important to the organization. Examples:

  • Enhanced cultural experience in defined areas - place-making.

  • Reflect local culture/history

  • Employ local artists.

  • More social media posts and chatter around local street art

  • Community engagement events when street art is unveiled

  • Increased local & tourist foot traffic in defined area / increased spending

  • Increased user-generated marketing for neighborhood/city/organization/

  • Relationship development with key stakeholders/clients/community

  • Reduced graffiti/vandalism/littering

Identify who can be engaged (and how many):

  • Local artists, businesses, government, property owners with walls

  • Influencers - people in your network who would evangelize street art for the community

  • Community groups – schools, churches, clubs & associations, police, sports teams, etc.

  • Sponsors – businesses, benefactors, community groups, etc.

Identify how to engage key stakeholders, how often, what the key ask is, and how you will measure success:

Local Artists

  • Invite to register on Beautify Earth platform

  • Encourage artists to send proposals for walls (with monthly outreach/or some consistency)

  • Benefits to artists

Wall Owners

  • Create email/newsletter outreach to wall owners/businesses in your network

  • Help connect key wall owners with sponsors for collaborative projects

  • Help coordinate ‘unveiling’ events with wall owners

  • Benefits to wall owners


  • Create working group to get commitment and designate responsibility to local influencers and street art advocates

  • Share Street Art strategy with influencers and encourage input

  • Create a calendar of events & tie the street art campaign in with existing programs in the community.

  • Benefits to community members

Identify all channels you will use to engage key stakeholders (artists, wall owners, community etc.) on an ongoing basis towards your KPI deadline.

  • Email, Newsletter, Social media,

  • Stakeholder meetings, Street Art unveiling events, Community events

  • Partnership announcement

Identify what resources are needed, and budget required for those resources:

  • Marketing personnel (x hrs)

  • Food & Drinks budget (for meetings and events)

  • Budget to add to mural sponsorship

List your key activities on a calendar towards the deadline you have given to achieve KPIs.

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