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Beautify Earth Receives Grant from UCLA!

Beautify Earth was the recipient of a special grant given by UCLA on June 11, 2017! We were selected and recognized amongst hundreds of non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area for our work and commitment to empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility and instilling community pride.

The grant was part of a project and class initiated by UCLA’s Philanthropy as Civic Engagement curriculum. Special thanks to the students and faculty who believed in our vision and movement. The feedback we received to further our cause was invaluable. We’re so grateful for this gift!

(L to R) Sergio Cuculiza, Heather Rabun, Ruben Rojas and Evan Meyer.


The funds provided by UCLA lead to the completion of one of our longest murals yet! over 150’ long, artists Calen Blake and Crushow Herring teamed up to provide this awe inspiring and regal mural at Morning Side High in Inglewood. Made with Kings and Queens to help inspire future ones!

Hundreds of students and even a few teachers came out to support our artists and help create this Great Wall of excellence. Strive forward and aspire for greatness. That’s what we stand for at Beautify Earth and we hope to instill that in all students we paint with.

Thank you UCLA!


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