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Well Traveled Pico Boulevard Gets Art-Centered Upgrade

Santa Monica’s Pico Boulevard serves as a great example of the underused potential. A long, popularly used multi-lane street running from Los Angeles through Santa Monica to the Pacific Ocean, it’s lined by commercial, residential, educational and every other type of property in between. Yet none of that use had maximized its potential. In partnership with the Pico Improvement Organization (PIO), and the City of Santa Monica, Heather Rabun led the charge on turning Pico Blvd into a safer, uplifting, colorful and inspirational street.

The PIO is a business improvement district in Santa Monica, committed to promote business and commerce within the Santa Monica/Pico Blvd Business Improvement area, as well as promote goodwill between the business community and the residential areas immediately adjacent to the Boulevard. With Beautify Earth and Heather Rabun, Pico is now an artful stretch featuring 40 captivating murals. See the popular walking tour map for more details on all the wallscapes.


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