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Community Mural Programs

At Beautify Earth we gauge the wealth of a community via its social capital versus median income. The benefits of planning art within a community crosses physical, cultural, social, and economic lines and, because it’s a versatile and approachable tool for community investment, murals are viable in countless communal situations.

Public art benefits the collective as a whole and creatively challenges how its members regard, interact with, and maintain their environments. It’s also useful for countering neglect, damage, austerity, division, and apathy. Public art pays off in many possible ways: it heals, connects, celebrates, revitalizes, and of course, it beautifies.

“I would like to thank Beautify Earth for the work they have done to help revitalize and empower the community as it continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy.”
— Kirsten Gillibrand, United States Senator

Get your community involved!

We offer opportunities to engage with the communities your company is passionate about or to give back to your customer base. Contact us and let’s discuss.

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