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The Art of Inspiration & Beautify Earth

What would you do if you walked down the street and you felt nothing inside. Nothing there to motivate you, to keep your head high, to keep you moving forward. It would be a sad world. There is nothing worse than walking down an urban street and seeing no color, no range, and no inspiration.

Enter the mission of Beautify Earth. At BE the mission is to paint the world in color! With many walls as canvases accessible for local and world renowned artists, the opportunity is available for you to participate, effect change and make a difference in the world.

We as people are fluid and expressive and do not need to live monotonous days any longer. We’re meant to be inspired, to create and collaborate as a community. While we know we can’t live without art and inspiration what does this mean for you? You have the opportunity to partner with Beautify Earth. BE accepts donations of time or materials and is currently seeking sponsors for walls. This is a huge benefit for local business owners looking to receive an uptick in foot traffic (and ultimately sales!) by drawing consumers in with captivating murals adorning their formerly drab facades.

When you sign up for a membership you receive the opportunity to be part of a conscious community effort, exclusive access to limited edition art, volunteer priority and newsletters.

One of the main reasons that I became involved with the organization is that I was inspired constantly by street artists that I had discovered in my (now former) neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. After a very difficult few years in transition with work, life in general and the impending passing of my last grandparent, I was amidst the throes of leaving full time corporate America (after thirteen years) with nothing lined up and no safety net. This whole time I knew there was something more simmering beneath the surface and major changes were coming my way. It was on a walk that I discovered a Live Your Dream mural that finally gave me the courage to reveal my intuitive gifts and feel in a safe and protected space to announce my identity and introduce my brand, The Muse Crypt. This picture inspired me and gave me the courage to say “F IT!” I can’t hide who I am any longer. This is me. This is who I’ve always been and it’s time you know my truth. When you are struggling in hard times with your own identity and are hurting, it is hard to walk confidently and reveal a very raw and vulnerable side of you that you know is different than what others around you are accustomed to. I was in essence setting myself free and finally free to be me. Talk about liberating and transforming!

Since that day in April 2015 I have since reached out to, met and have been collaborating with Alice on a few projects. I have moved across the country to Los Angeles and completely shook up my life. The cosmic irony of it all is that Alice has actually worked with Beautify Earth in the past for a mural in New York which I didn’t discover until after I started working with and in support of Beautify Earth here in Los Angeles! I also drive a car again, live with roommates and will start working retail on the weekends in place of my beloved nannying gig while I continue to do Tarot Readings, Intuitive sessions and work on my Digital Art collages and products for The Muse Crypt.

While I do have many friends here in LA, I knew with a coastal move, I would need support and to get involved in causes that spurred my changes in the first place. As an avid LOVER of street art everywhere my first few months in town I was so lucky to be in areas that were laden with such intensely passionate, inspired and beautiful pieces of art. Since I didn’t have a car until the new year, I spent my first eight weeks on foot, the NY way. If you follow me you know that I post 99% of my images in real time. Essentially my Instagram is a surge of all of the brilliance and fun I see as I absorb the energy around me.

The beauty of that magnetic frequency and being engaged in passion sparked conversation with the Beautify Earth team which led to me volunteering late December for the organization (to raise awareness for the community) and even more recently I sat in on a BE Board Meeting earlier this month. I’m truly honored to be alongside people who also crave art, connection, and spirit towards the betterment of the community and know the healing power of Art.

Mission and vision

Had these artists not poured their heart and soul into their passions and work, it wouldn’t have given me the courage to be me and walk my own path. I am forever grateful for trusting my intuition, instincts and the process. Their work truly is life changing!!! Beautify Earth’s mission echoes that sentiment and I can only go so far as to shout it from the rooftops so someone else knows they too can change and get through any hard time of their life. It is why we are here on Earth – to love, help, heal and beautify it.

It’s time to stop thinking and start living!

Love. Beauty. Community.

Be the Change.

Make Art with all of your Heart.

Beautify Earth


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