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What Tony Hsieh taught me by example

Mural by Trek Thunder Kelley for Zappos in San Diego

Mural by Trek Thunder Kelley for Zappos in San Diego

It saddens me deeply that we lost a very special person last week. Tony Hsieh was and still is an inspiration to me, not only as a CEO and entrepreneur, but also for the global movement that is Beautify Earth.

Tony inspired me to lead with culture, mission, and vision first. He reinforced that the greatest reward is not a short drip of dopamine won by chasing quick pleasures, but the long-term happiness of purpose created through meaningful life work.

His core values inspired and are reflected in my passions and my life's work.

Five years ago, Tony the visionary hired Beautify Earth to display his core values on the walls of 10 cities across the country. This was before any corporation was even thinking about using mural art to inspire everyone in their ecosystem.

His book, Delivering Happiness, was one of the most influential reads of my career. It conveys just how deep the goal of delivering happiness is infused in every aspect of Zappos, from customer to employee and everyone in between.

Tony taught me the value of creating true partnerships with our customers. Cultivating long-term customer relationships is like any other warm relationship you value in your life. He taught me to always go beyond well beyond the call of duty to find a deeper happiness for everyone including myself.

He created a culture at Zappos unlike anything else in the corporate sector, blessed with individuality, personality, and beauty.

He was the impetus for the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas, both a community hero and a humble servant.

His pet alpaca, Marley, still brings me joy just thinking about him.

You've touched the lives of many, Tony. You still do. You've led by example, showing the world what a compassionate and emotionally intelligent leader looks like, globally inspiring the next generation of leadership.

You are and always will be greatly missed.



Evan Meyer is a co-founder and the CEO of Beautify.


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