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Why a mural instead of an awning for your business

Unlike standard signage, murals turn storefronts into a unique experience that can be shared—at much lower cost.

Our online platform has delivered results for more than 50 brands from local to global.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

One gym's awnings can't match the effects of the other's less-expensive mural.

Instead of paying $10,000 or more for an awning to identify their business, many owners have opted for a professionally painted mural. Beautify’s technology platform removes the friction from the process, to connect businesses that want great art with the professional artists who create it.

Murals create a unique experience

An awning is a name, however well presented. Even if it’s the latest laser-cut, LED-lit model. A mural, by contrast, doesn’t register to passersby as a sign, but as a visual experience unique to its location. Don’t just put a name on your storefront. Invest in something that draws attention and makes it a memorable experience, even to future customers just passing by.

An integral part of the community

A business with a mural is visibly part of its block, its neighborhood, its city. Especially as more and more businesses carry the same franchise name and signage seen everywhere else, a unique mural marks a business as a local member of the community.

Murals have proven business benefits

We’ve helped with the painting of more than 10,000 murals in 100+ cities since 2012. Business owners, property owners and city officials regularly tell us that besides bringing beauty and inspiration, murals boost business in measurable ways.

Foot traffic and sales: up

A mural always brings more visitors. It’s not only the lure of a wall-sized painting. A street with beautify art on it feels safer than a street fronted by bland walls, some of which (not yours) may appear neglected or abandoned.

Beautify began by painting more than 130 murals around the city of Santa Monica and neighboring Venice. The vibe on the street is immediately different than it was before we began.

Business report not only more visitors, but more spending per customer. Some have seen the combined effect raise their revenues by 50 percent.

Graffiti and crime: down

Taggers generally respect a work of art. Graffiti on Santa Monica’s Lincoln Boulevard after we began revitalizing walls.

Related crimes of all kinds are down, too—so much so that when the city issued restrictions on business to curb the spread of the coronavirus, they allowed Beautify artists to keep painting. In fact, they’re clear that our new murals and painted traffic barriers have lowered the number of related street crimes to which they respond every day. They want us to keep painting. A block with a mural not only feels safer, it is safer.

Free viral advertising for your location

We haven’t yet found an Instagrammer who posts photos of business awnings. But our clients’ murals become viral images shared by customers, tourists and local residents. They become destinations that people intentionally visit, sharing yet even more photos when they get there.

Murals cost less

An awning can easily cost $10,000 in hardware and labor, and can require fortifications to the building. Mural can often cost significantly less.

Contact us—we’re glad to talk!

Contact us and we’ll gladly discuss what might work best for your location and budget, We’re both artists and business people, and have worked with local businesses, major brands, city officials and neighborhood organizations to turn storefronts into memorable destinations. We’re always glad to talk!

Evan Meyer is a co-founder and the CEO of Beautify.


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